Revolutionize Construction Projects with our Progress Reporting Service!

Construction projects are notorious for taking longer than expected and going over budget for a number of reasons…

Developers hate this and would love to have a more effective way to manage the progress of the project-now they can!

Our “Progress Reporting Service” gives our clients a peace of mind.

It embodies;

  • Project Management
  • Safety, and
  • Inventory Control

allowing them full access to the entire site without ever having to leave their office!

Visual Aerial First Person View data allows projects managers to see where they may have a problem or safety issue, enabling them not only to provide instantaneous feedback ensuring that the site remains accident-free… but also certifying that all parties directly or indirectly involved with the development are all on the same page from start to finish!-Completing assignments safely and in a timely manner!


Daily Plan


Weekly Plan


Special On-Site Request Included!

Monthly Plan


Special On-Site Request Included!